1 Carat Diamond Ring: A Small Pretty Thing That You Should Own

1 carat diamond ring – If you are now thinking about adding more jewelry in your private jewelry collections, it might be great if you think about 1 carat diamond ring. There are some important points that you will be able to find in this ring. Of course, those points can be used as some points of consideration so that you will be sure about getting the ring instead of the others to be added in your jewelry box.

1 carat diamond rings

1 Carat Diamond Ring Price

A thought about diamond ring might lead you to think about a type of jewelry which is sold in a quite high price that not anyone has the ability to afford. Of course, the thing mentioned beforehand is a fact. Diamond can be said to place the top position of precious stone categories in all over the world. Nevertheless, you have to know that 1 carat diamond ring is still fine to be chosen. The reason is because the ring has a quite small size of carat for diamond.

Because of the quite small size of carat, it is sure that 1 carat diamond ring price is lower than any heavier carat of diamond. The approximate price offered for real 1 carat diamond ring is about $2,000 up to $6,000.00. If compared to the heavier one, it is sure that the price can be 2 times or even 4 times lower. Can you imagine about how much money you can save if you choose this ring instead of any other types of diamond ring?

1 Carat Diamond Ring Design

It can be said that there are some best designs can be found for 1 carat diamond ring that can make it to be even prettier. The first suggested design that you have to think about is called as 1 carat diamond ring princess cut. A solitaire diamond ring with a princess cut diamond seems to be even better because when you wear it, people who see the ring will focus on the diamond instead of any other parts of the ring. It is surely good because the small size of the diamond will never be a problem anymore.

The 1 carat diamond ring will be even prettier if you choose silver color metal instead of yellow color metal. The only reason that you can count on to about this statement is that silver color metal, such as platinum, white gold, and also palladium, match any outfits that you wear. No matter what style and color of your outfit are, it is sure that wearing the ring as a fashion accessory will never be a problem.

This kind of ring is not that hard to get. The fact is that it is created by so many jewelers in all over the world. It is so many that it cannot only be found in common jewelry or diamond stores but also in the online ones. You can of course purchase it online If you don’t want to waste your energy finding the right 1 carat diamond ring.