Antique Ring Settings – Learn More about the Variety of Rings

Antique ring settings – In order to get the true antique ring, it is necessary for you to learn more about the variety of antique ring settings. But before we continue talking about the various setting, we need to discuss the antique ring itself. A ring is called antique if it was made before nineteen fifties. Typically, such a ring has a glaring appearance. But what makes the ring is sought after now a day is the uniqueness of the settings. It is difficult for modern rings to resemble or imitate the designs and especially the settings.

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Antique ring settings Ideas

The first setting to talk about in this article is the Victorian. During the Victorian period, a lot of important things occurred. Some of them influence the development of jewelry. The period lasted from 1835 to 1900. This was the time when industrial revolution occurred. Therefore, many jewelry factures could produce various rings. Typically, the setting allows several precious stones sit on the band. The most popular stone at the time was diamond. The best thing of the Victorian setting of all antique ring settings is that the several stones are able to radiate shining effect.

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After Victorian era, there came Edwardian period which also influenced the development of jewelry. This is the time when technology in the jewelry industry evolved rapidly. At the time, jewelers and jewelry manufactures were able to produce many innovations. As for the antique ring settings that came from the era, they typically allow innovative cuts. Diamond is still the most popular precious stone at the time. But as for the metal, most of the antique rings made during the period used platinum for the ingredient of the band. Sometimes, jewelers put sapphire as an alternative for diamond. The combination of sapphire and platinum makes a great setting.

One of the most popular antique ring settings to mention in this article is the Art Deco. The Art Deco period lasted from 1920 to 1930. Even though the era lasted for ten years merely, the era contributed significant things to the improvement of jewelry industry. The setting usually used for rings made at the period allows contrasting precious stones ornament the band. Because the technology evolved drastically, jewelers and manufactures were able to create various cuts. The cuts and contrasting stones were aimed to reflect fantastic effect.

Antique ring settings Pictures

These are some of the most popular antique ring settings you can meet on the market these days. Seeing the fact that more couples opt for antique rings, many jewelry stores provide them. When you come to a jewelry store for shopping such rings, you need to prepare your budget first. This is because such rings are inclined to be expensive. However, the price is worth it. You will never regret purchasing the rings. If your engagement or wedding is approaching, consider these rings. The uniqueness of the antique ring settings is able to make your relationship with your partner better. With such a ring, you can prove that your love for your partner is special.