Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings – Unique and Elegant Choices

Unique rings are one of the most sought after ring for engagement especially of late. Diamond rings are also popular among couples due to their beauty. And Asscher cut diamond engagement rings are a combination of unique ring designs and diamonds. If you want to surprise your fiancé and make her happy on the special day, just get these rings. Besides they are unique and beautiful, they are also elegant.

asscher cut diamond engagement rings vintage

You may now wonder how Asscher cut diamond engagement rings look like exactly. Well, they are different from other diamond cut you may find in any jewelry store these days. In short, the cut is just like an octagon. Typically, the shape of such rings is square but all of the corners are trimmed. This is aimed to make a fantastic effect of the diamond when it meets light. Yes, when you put such a ring under a light, you will see how fantastic the ring is.

Actually, the concept of the Asscher cut diamond engagement rings is not new. The cut has been in the world since in the early of twentieth century. At the time, these rings were also very popular among couples. But the problem is that these rings were very expensive. Today, they are also inclined to be very expensive for many people. If you have a huge budget, then you will not face a big trouble in getting one.

The Beauty Of Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

But the big problem you will encounter when it comes to purchasing Asscher cut diamond engagement rings is that they are a little bit difficult to find. You may need to go to a big local jewelry store in your town for getting the rings. However, you can try to browse on the internet for finding a store that offers such rings. It may be a little bit easy for you to get such rings from the internet. This is because you can buy from a store from another country.

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Spending a huge amount of money for Asscher cut diamond engagement rings will never make you regret. The cut is so special that you and your partner will cherish to wear them on your fingers. You know, rings are admitted by many people from all over the world as a representative symbol of love and promise. With unique and elegant rings, your relationship will be better and better every minute. You do not need to select a design that matches your character or your partner’s character. It is because they are perfect for any type of person.

Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Pictures

Is it metal or gold the band of your engagement rings? Well, whether it is gold or platinum, Asscher cut diamond will add beauty to your look. If you have some more money to spend, it will be better for you to pick platinum for the band of your ring. Platinum is a great metal and able to last many years. Asscher cut diamond engagement rings are your perfect choices especially if you want to be different from other couples. You may also like to read this white topaz rings article.