Biker Rings: Rough, Tough and Distinctive Sense

Biker rings are one of the most popular rings these days. These rings are now often seen as the fashion or additional accessories, not only as one of the characteristics of the biker community. About these rings, it was started from the American Biker Gangs. They are one of the very important American counter culture’s elements. They were hobbyist, initially, who were evolved during the 60’s and 70’s. They spared time for having fun with the Harley Davidson they had. They were a fashion personification at the fame height. It was also followed by people, as anti-authoritative regime and anarchist, not only as a counterculture.

biker rings

These rings have a distinctive and unique style. They are made in a way that the ring shows its art as the biker riding the bike. Besides the skull rings, one of the very important and famous biker rings is the “1%er” ring. It is associated with the America’s hell Angels who after an incident in “Altamont Free concert” to be shot. An investigative report by the American Motorcycle Association, on the middle of the rolling stones performance, suggested that American bikers of 1% were anarchist and anti-authoritative. These people become known as “1%ers”. The skull symbol of biker rings has its history come from the jolly-roger flag. The tradition of the pirate is used by the bikers, in a harmony with their being-anarchist-and-anti-authoritative ideology. This skull is as important as their bikes or the insignia.

Biker Rings In The Form Of Polished Stainless Steel Curb Chain Biker Ring

If you want the other type of rings for biker than the skull symbol, this temporary and chunky ring will be a great choice. This ring name is Curb Chain Biker Ring with Polished Stainless Steel, come with 12mm stainless steel and solid design of “curb chain” made from some polished rectangular shapes of stainless steel.

Find the Stainless Steel or Silver Rings for Your Biker Rings

For tough, bad to know guys and gals, and rough impression, these are what you need to remember first. Next, you need to choose the ring with it is better to choose the biker rings with authentic stones, bold patterns, enduring, and deep detail, apart from the durable material construction. The metals that are common to be used in these rings are tungsten carbide, silver, stainless steel, etc. The highest material used now is gold. The gold one may not be affordable for anyone, that is why the chopper or high grade silver biker rings can be the ideal for modern bikers who like to combine a solid style along with their with economical fashion. It is also recommended to not be lured by the big brand that is used by many men’s jewelry manufacturers for quick sale.

They have the rings embossed with Harley Davidson letters on. If the license is blurred, then it is highly possible to be a fake one. For online purchasing, it is recommended to buy the silver or steel skull one from e-retailers with a good reputation. You need to exchange the policy for the return if the biker rings are lighter than you want, as the ideal weight is 15 grams to 35 grams for a heavy, solid feel, and masculine look. Choose the right to create the suitable fashion style of the bikers. Make sure you have the ideal weight of biker rings, to keep your looks tough yet fabulous.