Black Diamond Rings, the Short Guides for you

Black Diamond rings are often sought to make fine engagement rings. The gem is also the one of the most favorites of the gemstone and jewelry collectors all around the world. Black Diamond is famous because it is more valuable than your regular diamond and harder to get. If you are looking for Black Diamond, be ready to prepare more budgets because the price will be more expensive than diamond. The diamond turned black can be because of the impurity of the diamond or dark inclusions. That is why up until now Black Diamond is not rated. The experts consider Black Diamond as not pure material.

black diamond engagement rings

Black Diamond Rings With Large Black Diamond and Smaller One

This is the rarest Black Diamond rings existed. Though Black Diamond is indeed rare, if you are looking for smaller pieces in rings and accessories, you can still find it at jewelries and stores. The case is different for large Black Diamond such as the Black Orlov. This is because large Black Diamond is a natural diamond that turns black unlike the other smaller pieces that are treated so they turned black.

Smaller Black Diamond is usually irradiated and treated in other way. This result is not only on the unusual black color of the diamond, but also the increases in durability. That is why people now prefer Black Diamonds instead of the regular white diamond.

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Black Diamond Rings for Engagement Rings

There are several couples who seek the charm of the Black Diamond for their engagement or even wedding rings. The strength of the gem which is generally higher than the regular white diamond is what makes them believe that the bond will be as strong as the diamond. Another reason is the irregular black color that attracts those who like something different. Combined with white diamond dressing, or white gold as the band, Black Diamond rings will be perfect for you. The black and white combination of the ring is also easy to coordinate with your dress. White and black are natural colors that can be matched with almost every color. So, the ring will be perfect for you.

Choosing Black Diamond Rings

There are several tricks you can follow when choosing good quality Black Diamond rings. This will also be very useful to avoid being swindled into buying fake Black Diamond. First if you come visiting a jeweler, ask the clerk to show you the “true black” instead of carbonados. The “true black” collection will consist of what they have with the deepest black. When you have chosen one diamond, eye it thoroughly. The best stone is a Black Diamond with the most consistent opaque. Hold it up to strong light and see the clarity of the stone. You can also use laser and shoot the light through it. Valid Black Diamond will reflect the laser light to numerous unorganized directions while the fake one will reflect the light into patterned directions. Best Black Diamond rings will resemble polished black onyx so if you have come across those of the best quality, that is your best caught.