Blue Diamond Ring, Tips How to Know Your Ring Is Fake or Real

Blue Diamonds are rare and expensive gems. Due of the composition of the rare Boron that give the gems hue, Blue diamonds do not occur often in nature.

blue diamond rings

Blue Diamond Ring Tiffany

To find a way out of this, scientists tried to synthesize these blue colored diamonds in laboratories. The synthetic blue diamond now becomes popular as the gemstones of engagement or wedding rings.

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Blue Diamond Ring Zales

The popularity as the rare and expensive gems also encourages the existence of fake Blue Diamonds; they may the cubic zirconium – the look like diamond gems. To prevent you got the fake blue diamond ring, here are several tips to find out the authenticity of it.

  1. Natural or synthetic Blue Diamonds are imperfect and have inclusions. If you got the too perfect blue diamond rings, then you may say that yours is the fake one with great sparkle.
  2. Try to scratch your ring to glass. If your ring scratches glass, then the realblue diamond ring is yours. A fake diamond ring will be more pliable than a real diamond because of the substance that made the fake diamond of.
  3. Never read the letters through the real blue diamond rings, they will not let you get the letters. But if your blue diamond letsyou so, then you can decide whether the diamond is real or fake.
  4. An another simple way is fog your diamond ring with hot air from your mouth. The realblue diamond ring will release the fog immediately. On the contrary, the fake one will release the fog for at any rate 10 to 15 seconds.
  5. Blue diamonds are not too different with the others diamonds, blue diamond sometimes have the same weight or lighter than others in the equal size. But when yours is weight up to 60 percent more or drastic than the others in an equal sizes, it is a fake blue diamond.
  6. If you want more extra sure with the fastest way, got the UV lamp shine a light on your blue diamond ring. Blue diamond underneath will expose deep blue and purple colors. If you can’t see one of the colors exposed – often in a clear white, then you have the fake blue diamond.
  7. Placing the real blue diamond ring in the water will sink the ring immediately, in the other hand, the fake blue diamond likes to float instead of sinking.
  8. If the blue diamond ring you bought had a low price and is completely flawless, the ring is probably the fake one.
  9. From all the above methods, they are just simple methods to do by yourself at home. The best way is take the diamond to a licensed jeweler. If it is real, the jeweler should tell you how much your diamond is worth. Two benefits.
  10. Just a suggestion, if you want to buy blue diamond, Choose a diamond retailer who only sells Gemological Institute of America certified blue diamonds.


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