Chastity Ring – It Will Keep You Pure

Chastity ring will the latest trend that make it not just a common ring used by girls. The trend comes up from the Jonas Brothers that all wear this chastity ring. Some people might be unfamiliar with this ring, but some other has decided to really hold as a faith to keep their purity or in other word their virginity. Though the other rings might have meaningful definition that brought on the special day, this ring will keep you instead of symbolize something. Further you will have more detail and information regarding everything related to this ring.

chastity ring

Chastity Ring – What It Is Actually

Some people might know chastity ring as the ring that symbolize virginity, but it is even more than only a symbol that means nothing. It is a ring that represents a vow or commitment to abstain from sex until marriage. This ring is symbol of the purity to keep teenager purity. Similar to the other special rings such as wedding rings and engagement rings, this ring will have its custom. You will need to notice how to wear it exactly just the way people wear it. It is usually wear on the left ring finger. It will represent the purity you have and you keep until your marriage that kept by chastity rings.

You will see that this chastity rings are worn on the same finger in which you will wear your wedding rings. It will be the rings that are as important as to wedding rings. It is the ring that will remind you to your promise to keep yourself pure and abstain from sex until your marriage. Once you are married, you can replace the ring with the wedding ring. Chastity ring will be more than a ring that symbolizes purity; it will be the ring that able to keep you pure. No matter you are boys or girls, this ring will be the ring that remind you to your commitment to abstain from sex until marriage.

Chastity Ring – Furthermore About This Ring

Chastity ring is also known as Purity ring or Abstinence ring. This ring emerged since 1990 in United State. As its function to keep you pure, the first ring comes just the same with its present function. The rings originated in the 1990s among Christian-affiliated sexual abstinence groups. Though it might be a common purity rings that will keep teenager or anyone who want to commit themselves to be virgin or pure, it is usually followed by a religious vow to enhance their commitment to practice abstinence until marriage.

Once, when it is under President Bush, the communities or organizations that promote this kind of vow and to wear chastity ring have received federal grants. The government of United Stated then decided to bring give more than $1 million to promote abstinence. However, it is asked to be one thing that needs to be reconsidered. However, there are still a lot of store available and sell this chastity ring. We are now talking about chastity rings.