Cheap Engagement Ring, Tips How to Get It

Cheap engagement ring – After dating for a long time with your girlfriend, of course you want to propose her. You want to make the moment perfect by proposing her in romantic way with a beautiful bouquet and steady pronunciation of the proposal. From all the preparation, the most difficult thing that you may confuse because of it is choosing the engagement ring. The ring is become very important as the proposal.

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You cannot buy recklessly especially when you only have limited budget. You should buy cheap engagement ring that still looks elegant in your love’s finger. Every woman will feel very happy and proud if she get engagement ring that she want and fit with her personality. She will show off the rings to her friends and love you more than before. Looking her like that of course need longer consideration but you will get the cheap engagement ring immediately after you follow the steps below.

Cheap Engagement Ring Ideas

The first thing you should do to get cheap engagement ring is determining how much money that you will be used for the ring. You may spend $200 till $500 depends on your savings. Stick to that number so you no need to pay by credit which can make the ring’s price more expensive. Then, you only need to search ring that have price so. There are many various cheap engagement rings that you can choose.

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You do not have to focus on the diamond even though that is the most common stone for engagement ring. This is become the second point and you can think it carefully, you can choose the birthstone, such as sapphire, emerald, and other precious stone that cheaper than diamond. But if you really want to buy a diamond ring, you better buy the loose diamond first then make the ring. This option can also help you to buy affordable engagement ring. For diamond, you should remember the three characteristics: clarity, cut, and color. Do not forget to appraise the diamond. Be careful for fake diamond that may be just made of glass. For the band, you can choose gold or white gold instead of platinum that more expensive.

Cheap Engagement Ring Pictures

Second, choose cheap engagement ring with the right size of her finger. Do not waste your money by resizing the ring at least you by pre-owned ring that does not fit with her ring size. Third, find the jewelry shop that has discount or special offer. You can compare several jewelry shops either online or not. The other option beside purchase used ring, you can buy wedding ring set which completed with engagement ring. Last, you have to know what additional expenses along with your ring purchasing. For the service after you buy the ring, for example ring cleaning, they may ask you to pay it. You can find jewelry shop that give free service. Do not forget to see the warranty card given with your ring. If something bad happen to your engagement ring, you no need to spend a lot of money. After all tips above, you have to keep in your mind that regardless of the price of your cheap engagement ring, the sacred promise and commitment inside it that you will live forever with her is more important.