Claddagh Engagement Ring, the Meaning Of Symbols

Claddagh engagement ring is a well-known jewelry in many parts of this world. This is because the ring has meaningful symbols. Besides, the story behind it is very romantic. These are the main reasons why lovers prefer to spend their money for the ring. Couples expect that their relationships become more and more romantic every day.

engagement claddagh ring

At first, the Claddagh engagement ring was found only in a small village in Ireland. The romantic story behind the ring begins with the journey of a young man to the West Indies. He did not go there for vacation but he was a slave and forced to be there. On his way, there were pirates who caught him and then sold him to a jeweler. The jeweler was an expert in the world of gold. The young man learned anything related to gold from the jeweler. After some years, there was a rule that allowed any slave to be free. Of course, the jeweler should have release the young man. What is surprising is that the jeweler wanted to marry his daughter to the young man. But the young man refused the offer. He made a decision that he needed to go home. In the small village, the young man’s girlfriend had been waiting for him. To prove that he loved her still, he gave her a ring. And it was what we called today as the Claddagh engagement ring.

Claddagh Engagement Ring Ideas

Typically, a Claddagh engagement ring has three meaningful symbols. The first is the two hands holding each other. It is believed that these two hands represent a friendship. The friendship is not between two lovers merely but it can be between two best friends. Holding hand represents that a couple can not be separated by any obstacles.

The next symbol found on a Claddagh engagement ring is the heart. The heart is considered as the symbol of love. One thing to note, love here does not love between two lovers but it can be between two persons. For women, heart can mean a lot.

The last symbol to mention here is the crown which symbolizes loyalty. Celtic culture believes that a relationship requires a loyalty in order to be able to last as long as possible. The crown can represent the firmness of one’s commitment.

Claddagh Engagement Ring Pictures

These three important symbols are usually engraved on the band of a ring. The materials for the band are various. White gold, yellow gold and silver are the most common precious metals for the Claddagh engagement ring. People choose these metals because they tend to be cheap. Platinum is less popular due its high cost. But the platinum ones are way more beautiful than the gold and silver rings.

These days, you do not need to go to Ireland to purchase a Claddagh engagement ring. Just pay a reputable jewelry store in your city a visit and you will find an extraordinary ring you crave for. Giving your special woman such a ring is a brilliant idea you will never regret.