Clatter Ring, the History and Meaning

The Clatter ring, well-known as Claddagh ring, is originated from a small village in Ireland. This kind of jewelry commonly used for engagement or wedding ring because of its long history and deep meaning. Today, it is not only worn in Ireland but also in many locations in this world. People admit that the Clatter ring is a universal symbol for representing love, friendship and loyalty.

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Actually, the ring has been in this world since the 17th century. There are some versions of stories related to the origin of the Clatter ring. However, the most famous of all the stories is the one of the life of Richard Joyce. Who was this Richard Joyce actually? He was a silversmith in the small village which was called Claddagh village situated near Galway.

Clatter Ring History

It is said that the silversmith was caught by thieves from Algeria and then sold to a goldsmith. No sooner, the goldsmith noticed that Richard Joyce had a great talent in making rings. After the goldsmith was convinced himself that Joyce would lead him to success, he taught Richard Joyce how to trade jewelry, especially rings. In the end of 17th century, William III declared that all slaves must have been released. So, the goldsmith had to let Joyce free. Later, the goldsmith offered Joyce his business and his only daughter in marriage. But the young man rejected the offer and then he came back to his native land. In his native village, Richard Joyce started his own business and produced many designs of the Clatter rings.

The Clatter Ring Meaning Of The Symbols

On every Clatter ring, there are always three symbols: two hands, one heart and one crown. The hands are holding each other covering the heart. And above the hands and heart the crown sits. The two hands on the ring symbolize friendship. This friendship can be any relationship between two persons. But this means very much to couples. The heart symbolizes love between two persons. And the crown above the heart and the hands symbolizes loyalty. You may wonder why the must be a crown on the Clatter rings. Well, the Irish culture considered that in any relationship, especially a relationship of two lovers or two friends, loyalty is an important factor to maintain the relationship.

Clatter Ring Story

Because of the symbolism, more and more couples these days opt for such rings for their engagement rings or wedding rings. They hope that giving or exchanging this kind of rings can help them make their relationship last as long as possible.

As stated above, today the Clatter ring is spread widely in many parts of this world. In other words, if you are interested in shopping this kind of ring, you will not get a problem in finding your best one. Along with the long history, the ring has evolved several times. That is why today we can find a lot of selections of such a ring. You can buy the Clatter ring from a local or online jewelry store. Clatter ring.