Cocktail Ring, Some Shopping Tips

The cocktail ring is all about size and design. This kind of ring is typically huge and stunning so that the wearer is allowed to make a statement easily and immediately. If you want to capture the attention of the people near you, just put such a ring on your finger. The ring will serve you very well. Moreover, this piece of jewelry can suit any occasion you intend to attend, either formal like a business meeting or non-formal occasion like a birthday party.

cocktail rings

The cocktail ring was once very popular among people in the fifties. These several recent years, the ring is gaining in popularity again. It now becomes a part of fashion accessories. On the market, there are many options of the ring that is able to beautify your entire appearance. If you are a sort of cheery person, it will be great if you wear such a ring on your finger. This will help you express your personality and character.

Cocktail Ring Settings

As already stated above, the ring is about size and design. So, if you want to put one on the finger, you will like to get the big one with several gemstones on it. The more colors your ring has, the better you will be. Also, the more gemstones and metals are better. Different from other types of rings available on the market nowadays, the cocktail ring can come with various metals for the band. The metals do not have to be precious ones.

Even though the cocktail ring features several gemstones and metals, you do not need to spend a huge amount of money to get one. They are affordable, really. If you are really on a tight budget, you can pick the one that has a single huge centerpiece. This can be simple. However, it is advised that you pick the one with gigantic centerpiece and several smaller gemstones surround the band. This one will make you look stunning. It is very possible that people will stare at your ring. And then they will consider that you are a unique person.

Cocktail Ring Settings Without Stones

Your best cocktail ring should be the one that features simulated gemstones. These gemstones are cheap but amazingly beautiful and effective to capture the attention of people. You know, many celebrities these days wear such rings on their fingers. This is because they are expected to be able to catch the eye of the people. However, celebrities usually go for the expensive ones with high quality metals and precious stones. Yes, they can afford the price.

Elegance and simplicity are the things you will not get from a cocktail ring. What you can expect from this kind of ring is the effectiveness of drawing the attention and making fashion statement. As a consequence, when you wear your ring, it is important for you to find suitable clothes. Matching clothes will make your appearance perfect. One thing you should keep in mind is that the bigger the ring, the more benefit you can gain. A five carat cocktail ring is your best choice.