CTR Rings as the One-For-All Kinds Of Ring

CTR rings are one of the most rings that are recognized among members of the Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints Church. The CTR rings meaning is as the faith symbol. These rings are adjustable rings that consist of three letters CTR and green shield. They were created more than 40 years ago for LDS youth as one of the “Badge of Belief” types. The first ring was made of platinum and nickel. It was available through the church for 35 cents. The ring’s idea was firstly conceived by an influential Mormon Church’s member. Then the rings have become the real and only jewelry piece that is condoned officially by the Mormon Church.

ctr rings for men

Nowadays, the same ring is available at the Church Distribution Center and costs one dollar. The CTR shields are still found on gifts, jewelry, and clothing. The LDS church, however, has licensed the right of this ring manufacture, and other related products of CTR. There are three major manufacturers of CTR rings, which sell hundreds of thousand rings a year when combined. These rings are sold in a mortar and typical brick retail stores.

CTR Rings Product Review

One of the products of CTR rings is the LDS Unisex 0.925 Sterling Silver Black Mini CTR. This one is suitable for girls, boys, men, or women. This ring is the Ring Masters collection. It is a classic CTR ring of the smallest classic series. This is a petite ring that is available in several choices of shields, black, silver, pink, blue, purple, and green.

Purchasing Tips of CTR rings

In purchasing CTR rings, the first step you can do is to think of the person that you are going to give the rings for; children, woman, man, youth, or anyone else. Think of the purpose of the rings, gift, or anything else. With this clear idea, looking for the rings you need would be faster. For the next, to choose the rings for different person can be much faster with a guideline. First, for the children, the suitable rings are the narrow bands with animal styles or classics. For the youth, choose retro or sport styles with universal language rings. For the women, the rings with details of diamonds or colored shields will be great choices. Wider bands with a mission or gold language are suitable for the man.

However, you may also need to consider the interest of the person, whether they like sports or animals, or which one they prefer, the silver or gold jewelry. The ring size should be the important thing to consider as well, so the rings can be worn comfortably and fit the finger well. Imagine that the ring you find in your mail does not fit your finger. Then what you feel about that will be what the others feel as they received your rings. Make sure you know the right ring size, by ring size chart, printable ring size, or using another tool or method. With these steps, it is hoped that you can get the right CTR rings for your beloved.

After all, these CTR rings are one of the most suitable ones for gift. They have an interesting historical background as well. Thus, make sure you know the interest and the size of the person you are going to give the ring for their comfort. CTR rings.