Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings for More Affordable Choice

Diamonds could be nice, but cubic Zirconia engagement rings are not a half bad for a pretty choice. This stone is actually a nice option if you are looking for a diamond’s replica without making the ring look cheap. It is precisely the best option available if you are looking for an affordable ring that will suit your bride to be without making the ring look like a toy ring. The similarities between cubic Zirconia and diamond are really close that even jewelers cannot tell the difference without using a loop. Discovered by two German scientist’s in1937, decades later it was reproduced by Russian successfully. Now years later, many people opt to have cubic Zirconia engagement rings to make a memorable proposal to their beloved ones without any need to empty their wallet.

cubic zirconia white gold engagement rings

Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings Beautiful Examples

Cubic Zirconia is often used to be the single stone in cubic Zirconia engagement rings, but sometimes it is also used as the complement stone with another stone like the diamond as the main attention. In some diamond engagement rings, the diamond is located at the center of the ring, while pretty cubic Zirconia surrounded the stone graciously, creating an air of glamour and luxury. While it is very pretty indeed some people still think that it is far too expensive for a ring. Thus, jewelers today sell more engagement rings with cubic Zirconia as the main attraction only.

The result is not even half bad. As it has been mentioned before, it is very hard to tell the difference between diamond and cubic Zirconia, so the cubic Zirconia rings will absolutely look stunning on the fiancée’s ring finger. One example of ring that uses cubic Zirconia as the main stone is the Sterling Silver Round Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Ring from H. Samuel. Using solitaire design, the ring looks stunning with the big cubic Zirconia on the center. The silver metal that becomes the band and also adds a more luxurious look to the ring itself. It is a nice choice if your lady is a woman who prefers simplicity.

If you do not like to give your bride to be a solitaire ring and are looking for something that looks quite less simple yet still elegant, you could take a look at the rings like Silver & Cubic Zirconia Weave Ring. The cubic Zirconia is not cut into a big size like what solitaire rings have. In these cubic Zirconia engagement rings, the stone is cut into several little pieces and attached to the band that has been beautifully designed in a woven style. The ring is slightly bigger than the solitaire one, but you cannot deny the elegance and grace it shines.

Choosing the Right Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

Cubic Zirconia in general has seven colors: colorless, orange, pink, blue, green, purple, and champagne. If you prefer the rings to resemble a diamond, choose the colorless one. You could also have the resemblance of sapphire and emerald with the blue and green cubic Zirconia engagement rings. The other choices are also pretty options for cubic Zirconia engagement rings as well.