Custom Made Engagement Rings with Gothic Theme

Custom made engagement rings are surely various in styles. From many styles can be found in recent time for this kind of ring, gothic is likely to be one quite interesting style of engagement ring that we should talk about. It is not merely because gothic engagement rings are not common. Besides, it is also about the fact that the designs applied for the rings are gloomily beautiful. Here are two most common examples can be found for the type of ring that we talk about here.

custom made engagement rings

Custom Made Engagement Rings with Gothic Celtic Patterns

The first example of custom made engagement rings completed with gothic pattern is known to use different types of Celtic patterns as the caving. Of course, not all Celtic patterns are used in those rings. It seems that the patterns are limited only in Celtic knot patterns which are made to form a kind of chain engraving or to form cross shape. It seems that cross is another shape often used gothic theme.

The materials often used in this kind of custom made engagement rings are something white. They can be silver, palladium, white gold, titanium, or platinum. If those materials are used, it seems that some black color is perfect to be added in the rings. Even so, it does not mean that some other material like yellow gold cannot be used. In some cases, the combination of two ring materials at once can also be found. For example, there is a gothic ring for engagement which is mostly made from white gold but some parts of it are made from yellow gold as combination.

Custom Made Engagement Rings with Gothic Color Stones

If the beauty of a previous example of custom made engagement rings does not impress you that much or, moreover, you think that the rings are not beautiful for engagement, there is another type of gothic ring which might be more beautiful in design and is perfect for engagement. The type meant here is the one that uses gothic color stones as decorations. The colors of those stones can be black, red, or even dark blue.

Nowadays, there are precious stones and semi-precious stones known to have those colors so that they will be perfect to be used to create the type of custom made engagement rings that we are talking about here. The examples of those stones are black diamonds, red diamonds, and dark blue diamonds. When they are chosen, it is certain that the price that you have to pay will be quite a lot.

Besides some variety of diamonds mentioned earlier, there are some other stones that you can choose for the gothic engagement rings too. For example there are melanite stones, almandine garnet stones, onyx stones, opal doublet stones, carnelian stones, pyrope garnet stones, ruby stones, sapphire stones, and many others. All of those stones have the colors that will be perfect for gothic custom made engagement rings and they will surely make the rings to be physically beautiful. You may also like to read this article cartier wedding rings .