Emerald Engagement Rings as Trend In 2016

Emerald engagement rings are undeniable a part of trend in the year of 2016. You might also be surprised when you know that actually this kind of rings is also included in the top 5 most wanted engagement rings for 2016. All of those facts seem to be something that comes from some good things found in the type of cut used in those engagement rings, which is no other but emerald cut.

emerald engagement rings meaning

This type of cut is known to be best because the long lines resulted from the cut makes every stone, including emerald and also diamond to look even bolder. Besides, any rings which is completed with stone cut with emerald style looks simply beauty and also elegant. For women especially, all of those things are surely wanted. Because of that, it is very reasonable that there are some kinds of conclusions that say whether emerald engagement rings are the ones chosen by women who have strong desire to look beautiful and elegant in a simple way.

Emerald Engagement Rings Ideas

Other thing that can also be considered as a reason why emerald engagement rings is trending in the year of 2016 is because it is chosen by some most famous celebrities. The first popularity of this kind of ring seems to go up for the first time when Brad Pitt gave Angelina Jolie a perfect engagement ring with emerald cut of diamonds. From that time on, engagement wing with this cut is known to gain more and more popularity. Besides this couple, there is another celebrity that seems to support the popularity of this type of ring so that it finally becomes a trend in 2016. The celebrity meant here is Kate Hudson. It seems to be not so satisfying because if compared to the previous example, it seems that the design of ring owned by Kate Hudson is not that pretty. Even so, using it as an inspiration in following the trends of 2016 emerald engagement rings is surely fine.

Emerald Engagement Rings Pictures

As a part of 2016 trend, there are some additional details about emerald engagement rings that you have to know. When you hear about the rings, you might think that the heads of them will be green in color. Although it is possible, in 2016 there are some other colors for diamonds which are more suitable for those rings. The first example of the colored diamond is clear blue diamond. To make the rings look perfect, some smaller size white diamond can applied around the emerald cut blue diamond. This design will make the blue diamond even more eye catching. Besides blue, there is also yellow diamond, which is also known to be one of the most expensive types of diamond in all over the world, can also be chosen. One thing that you have to know when emerald engagement rings are chosen is that the diamonds used are better be clear even if they are colored diamond so that the cut and also the strong line that it brings will be even more visible.