Engagement Ring Styles to Propose The Lady Better

Engagement ring styles – Some men are pretty clueless when it comes to choosing engagement ring styles for their lady. Since the period of ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans, rings have been chosen as the thing that ties a woman to a man. This man is going to be her husband one day, so no suitor is supposed to take her away even when the man is away for a war. It is believed to be the Greeks who made it a habit to place the ring on the third finger of the left hand where the vena amoris (vena of love) is located.

engagement ring styles

However, it is believed to be Archduke Maximillian of Austria who popularized the use of diamond in the engagement ring when he proposed Mary Burgundy. Before a lot of diamond mines were found in South Africa, the use of diamond in engagement ring was only limited for the noble and rich family.

Engagement Ring Styles In Most Popular Style

When it comes to choosing the style for an engagement ring, there are plenty that can be discussed. One of the most popular engagement ring styles nowadays is solitaire. It is decided to be one of the simplest yet elegant choices for a woman to wear solitaire ring on her hand. Solitaire has a slender shaped ring with the round shaped single diamond located in the center of the ring. This style is very graceful and pretty much, and it will never go out of date. For an engagement ring, you can pick whether you would like to have platinum metal for its solid shape consideration, or even yellow gold or white gold for its more affordable and beautiful values.

The other choice of engagement ring styles that many people decide to have as their engagement ring is three-stone ring. Indeed this choice of ring is much more expensive than the solitaire one, however this style also offer more designs to go. Each of the three stones usually represents the three times of life: the past, the present, and the future. Some designers usually decide to put two smaller stones on the side of the bigger one in the center of the ring to make it less heavy and more stylish.

If you are on a budget, it does not mean that you cannot present a special ring as a token of promise and affection for your special lady. You could simply give her cubic Zirconia ring as one of the engagement ring styles for her. It is made of the fraction of the diamond and is pretty much distinguishable from the real diamond. Since it is more affordable, you can choose to have the one in a bigger size to please your future bride to be.

Tips to Choose Your Engagement Ring Styles

Just like the other rings, you need to know the metal and gemstones that you like to have as the engagement rings. You should consider your budget well before deciding to have one. With a limited budget, you can opt to have a less pricey design yet still beautiful ring in solitaire design or cubic Zirconia stone. You need to pay attention to your lady’s style as well. Take a look on what kind of ring styles she prefers before choosing your engagement ring styles.