Estate Engagement Rings and How To Get The Best One

Estate engagement rings – There are two types of antique engagement rings: vintage and estate engagement rings. Rings are called vintage when the rings are more than fifty years old. Estate rings are less than fifty years old, but they have similar designs as vintage rings. This article will focus on the estate ones.

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This last decade, estate engagement rings gain in popularity due to their uniqueness. More and more couples look for these rings because they assume that giving their sweetheart the rings is a great way to emphasize their love and commitment to live together until the end of the world comes. Just like the vintage ones, the estate rings are also available in a large number nowadays even though they were usually made in the year of 1970s. The durability of these rings can represent that people’s affection for their lovers are also durable.

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Not different from vintage engagement rings either, the estate engagement rings were made in several designs. One of the most famous designs of all time is the Victorian design. The period lasted between 1980 and 1900. At the time, diamonds were not as popular centerpiece as now. At that time, it was pearls that many people craved for. As for the band, it was rose gold. These materials were combined into an enchanting look so that it can last until today.

The next design to mention here is Edwardian design. The era itself lasted for twenty years only. The best thing of the ring design in this era is that it is usually designed in detail. The rings with this design were usually worn to show social status. Those who used such rings were royal family. However, today people of all status are allowed to wear estate engagement rings with Edwardian design if they can afford the prices.

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Art Deco design is another popular design of estate engagement rings. Even though the era just lasted for ten years, in the era therecame something great in ring design. Rings made in the era usually came with many colors. Some precious stones like sapphire, ruby and emerald began to gain popularity at the time.

As estate engagement rings were made in the past, it is now a little bit hard to find them. Some local jewelry stores do not provide these rings due to their rarity. However, it is still possible for you to get this kind of rings. You can go to a big jewelry store in your city and most likely you will get what your heart craves for.

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When you go to a jewelry store for shopping estate engagement rings, there are some things you need to take into consideration. These days, there are many replicas of such rings on the market. So, you have to be extra careful before buying one. You can ask the jeweler to ensure that the ring is the real estate ring. These rings can be very expensive, so prepare your budget before buying is a wise thing to do. Estate engagement rings.