Gold Engagement Rings, the True Meaning of Them

When someone plans to propose a girl, he commonly goes to jewelry store to look for gold engagement rings. You maybe do the same when you want to propose your girl because old is one common metal choice for engagement ring. However, you need to aware that engagement ring is more than just tradition or common thing; the ring should be meaningful to bond the love between you and your girl. Find the meaning of gold so you will know whether the metal is perfect for your future fiancée or you need to choose another metal.

rose gold cushion cut engagement rings

Gold Engagement Rings Martha Stewart Meaning

For common people, gold is symbolizing wealth. This is precious metal that the price always rising time by time. Giving gold ring to a girl simply means that you have much money so you able to buy the ring. Gold is also symbolizing power for rich people have more power in this world.

In many culture, gold has different meaning and symbolization. In ancient time, gold is one of The Seven Noble Metals. You can simply say the metal symbolize noble living for everyone who wear it is hopefully have noble living. Many people associate it with wisdom, comfort, longevity, fortune, and truth. Many people also believe to the power of gold in healing, comforting; strengthening the heart, improve self-confidence, strength, and creativity.

Gold is also transitional metal that symbolizing flexibility of human spiritual. It is hoping that gold ring will improve spiritual condition of the wearer to have better life in this world.

The Color Of Gold Engagement Rings For Women

The meaning of the color of gold is the symbol of wealth, good health, and optimism. Wearing something in gold color, whether it is the gold metal itself, or other material in gold color, is believed that the person will have more power, confidence, courage, and enjoyment to live the life and reach success.

When you go to jewelry store, you will find gold engagement rings in white gold. White gold is combination between gold with white metal such as silver that will turn the yellowish color of gold to white. Many people choose white gold because they love the white color and when diamond is used, it will make the diamond shine brilliant. Because it is white color, even the ring contain gold, it doesn’t symbolize the color of gold.

Addition of Gems in Gold Engagement Rings Tiffany

Engagement ring commonly not only made from metal. To add beauty and whole meaning of the ring, gems are used. Commonly, gold engagement rings use diamond as the symbolization of love guardian. Diamond is also very strong to symbolize strong love until the end. The beauty of diamond is something hard to compete by other gems stone. The other gems that also popular for engagement ring is birthstone that every month has symbolize by specific stone such as emerald for May or sapphire for September. Each gemstone also has different meaning. When you choose stone for the engagement ring, you can choose the stone of the birthday month of your girl or you can choose it by the stone meaning for completely meaningful ring. We are talking about gold engagement rings