How to Find Ring Size, Tips To Do It Accurately

How to find ring size – For many people, determining ring size can be a daunting task. The wrong size can lead you to buy wrong ring. In other words, you only waste your precious money for something useless. However, in order to get your ring size correctly, there are some ways you can take. This article is aimed to provide you some tips on how to find ring size accurately. Well, let us check out the tips.

how to find my ring size

The first tip on how to find ring size accurately to mention is finding a ring sizer on the internet. Now a day, the number of websites that provide such a tool is high. It means that you will not experience crucial problem in getting a ring sizer. The tool can be similar to a ruler. It can also be provided in circle pictures. If you have already had a ring, it will be easy for you to find the exact size of your ring. Just find the circle pictures ones and then match your ring with the pictures.

How to find ring size Ideas

If you do not have any ring yet, the step how to find ring size you need to take is to get the ruler one. This kind of ruler comes in millimeter so that you can find out your ring size accurately. But it is important for you to look at your printer before you print the tool. It is recommended that you set your printer in 100%. This is aimed to make sure that the size is correct. After you print it, put a pen or pencil near you. Encircle the ruler around the tip of the finger you are going to put the ring on. Mark the ends with the pen.

Actually, there is a simple way you can take to determine the exact size of your ring. You just need a piece of paper to measure the size of your finger. The first step how to find ring size using this way is to encircle the piece of paper around the base of the finger where you want to wear your ring on. Take the pen and then mark the point where the both ends meet. Take a millimeter ruler to find out the length from one end to the other.

How to find ring size Pictures

These three ways are great to help you know the right size of your ring. But you need to know that the steps how to find ring size do not stop here. You need to find a ring size chart for converting the result of your measurement. The chart can also be found in many websites. Just make certain that the chart you will use to convert is the one your country uses. If not, of course you will end up buying wrong size ring again.

One tip on how to find ring size you need to keep in mind is that you should measure your finger at the end of the day when you have nothing else to do. At the time, your fingers are inclined to be bigger. Thanks for read article how to find ring size.