How to Size a Ring with Various Methods

How to size a ring – When you want to buy a ring, you need to size you finger to get the perfect ring size. Perfect ring size is very important to make the ring you buy feels comfortable on your finger. Buying ring for yourself will not bother you with sizing your ring size because every jewelry store has device to size a ring. However, you will need to know how to size a ring if you want to make a surprise to your wife, girlfriend, or your mother by buying those rings. Surely you can’t bring your wife to the jewelry store because it will not be a surprise anymore.

how to size a ring

Therefore, before buying a ring as surprise gift, you need to know how to size a ring. It is easy to size a ring and you can use several methods to do it, the first method is using a ring sizer, the second method is ring size chart, and the third is using ring with similar size.

How to Size a Ring At Home

The first method of how to size a ring is using the ring sizer method or a finger size strip. It is a piece of paper with size sign on it. The finger ring strip can be obtained from the internet and you should print and cut is as instructed in the strip picture. The strip, if you print it correctly will be 3 3/8 inches from left to right. The first thing that you should do after you print and cut the strip is wrap the paper around your ring finger. Be sure that the paper feels comfortable on your finger. Mark the end of the string to get the number of the ring size. It is the easiest way how to size a ring. You can do it in several minutes and you get the accurate size.

How to Size a Ring for Men

The second method is the ring size chart. This method is done by sizing your finger using flexible measuring tape. Make sure that the flexible measuring tape can go through your knuckle. Read the measuring tape and then you can find the comparison of the ring sizing chart that you can get from various sources of how to size a ring online. You only need to match the length of the flexible measuring tape to the ring size. For example, 2 ¼ inches paper length means your ring is size 8. Paper length of 2 ¾ inches means your rig size is 13 and so on.

How to Size a Ring Down

The simplest how to size a ring is using the third method. The third method is by bringing ring that has the exact size of the ring you want to buy for your wife or for yourself. By bringing the ring, the jewelry store will get you the ring you want with the same ring size. You don’t need to confuse counting the inches or the centimeter and you don’t need to print anything. Therefore, if you want to buy a ring for your wife secretly but you don’t know how to size a ring, read this article. How to size a ring.