Mens Rings for Daily Appearance

Mens Rings – Jewelry is not only privilege of women, because men also have the privilege to wear jewelry, including ring. In fact, men wear jewelries from centuries ago that jewelries were more than just accessories to complete appearance but also symbol of power. However, the world is change today and men should be careful with the choice of ring they wear for not looking girly. Here are some tips for choosing men rings for daily appearance.

mens skull ring

Mens Rings Silver

  • Everybody knows that ring for men should be bigger than women’s ring. The first reason is the size of men’s finger is bigger than women’s fingers, so the ring also needs to be bigger to create balance. The other reason is that men are commonly associated with more power than women are, so the ring must bigger to show more power for men who wear it. Therefore, when you see pair of wedding bands, you will see that the ring for the groom will be bigger than bride’s ring. For everyday style, if you want to choose small ring, you can wear more than one ring in the same finger to create bigger look.

Mens Rings Engraved

  • Themens rings design is very important that you need to choose masculine design. In daily appearance, simple is better. Simple will create elegant and mysterious look. Men should be elegant and mysterious so women will curious to know you more. Simple band without gems is very suitable for daily appearance. However, unless it is wedding ring, you need to avoid plain circle ring that people will think you already married to someone. Masculine symbol or neutral symbol for both men and women such as peace symbol could be your choice. Many men love skull design for mysterious or dark image. Skull is good for men, but you need to think twice if you want to wear it every day, especially if you work in formal office. The dark image is not good and you had better only use skull occasionally. If you want ring with gem, single big gem is great. Unless you are famous or powerful person, it is better to avoid blink-blink.

Mens Rings Gold

  • The other important formens rings is the color. White and black is the most suitable color for men. You can choose between silver, platinum, white gold or other white metal. Tungsten ring will give you great shiny black for more mysterious style. Yellow gold is for occasional use and you need to make sure the gold fit your outfit well. The gem color will also influence your look. Dark color is better such as black diamond, dark blue sapphire, dark opal, ruby, and more. If you want to choose bright color, make sure it is not overstate. The most important thing is that the color must fit your entire appearance, including clothing and other accessories you wear.
  • It is better to not wear too much ring in many fingers. Wearmens rings in one or two finger only. Beside it will look nice, it is also more comfortable to your hand.

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