Moissanite Engagement Rings for Briliant Engagement

Moissanite engagement rings are so great. So much people using them for their engagement. Moissanite was discovered in 1893 in Canyon Diablo meteor crater, Arizona by Henry Moissan. It is a mineral that composed of Silicon carbide and almost colorless. Today, Moissanite is a made-man or synthetic gem because it is particularly rare mineral on earth.The currently available manufacturer of this gem is Charles and Colvard Ltd. that guarantee their product with a certificate of authenticity.

moissanite engagement rings vs diamond

Moissanite Engagement Rings Ebay

Moissanite is hardly distinguished with diamond, and even in a first discovery it used to be thought as a diamond. Chemically, moissanite is completely different from diamond. Diamond is compossed of Carbon while moissanite is made of Silicon carbide. Do not worry about how to distinguish either moissanite dan diamond, becauseCharles and Colvard Ltd. have manufactured a tester that acurately identify which is either diamond or moissanite.

For the price, moissanite cost a tiny proportion of a diamond’s price. It less expensive than diamond, but it does not matter if you get the briliance of this durable gem. Because the price is cheaper, does not mean moissanite is a fake diamond. Moissanite is not diamond. Though moissanite has the same durability with diamond, but it has better refractive quality than diamond.

Moissanite For Your Engagement Ring

In a pro side, use moissanite engagement rings are better way when you on budget but want to make your engagement moment sparkling. No less beautiful with diamonds in pure white, moissanite now available in rose pink, canary yellow, light green, and blue.

For you with an active lifestyle, choose moissanite ring if you want to keep your ring briliant without scratches. The hardness level of moissanite will resist any abrations.

In fact, moissanite is cheaper one-tenth the cost of diamond. To remove that ‘cheap’ feeling, you have to learn that moissanite is made of a rare mineral from meteorite. There is no doubt that moissanite is a special mineral also.

In a contra side, engagement or marriage proposal is a special moment for you. It might be not ideal presenting a look-like-diamonds ring instead of the legend of gem, diamond. Moreover, in a daylight, this colorless stone may be look somewhat gray or green.

Care Your Moissanite Engagement Rings Gently

There are some points you should know about keeping your moissanite engagement rings.

  1. Chlorine can pit your moissanite gem, keep it away from chlorine especially when you are going to swimming or use a cleaning agents that contain chlorine.
  2. Like the other gems, moissanite dulls its shine when you exposed it on lotions, body oils, perfumes, and soaps too much. That is why the use of mild detergent is truly recommended for cleaning the gem.
  3. Wait for some minutes if you apply lotions on your hand before wear your ring.
  4. Washing your moissanite weekly is not a good behavior because it may buildup oil and stain.
  5. Wrap your moissanite ring with soft cloth or a soft linen cloth before put it on your jewelry box. Moissanite engagement rings are so pretty.