Princess Cut Diamond Rings, Choosing For Your Engagement

Princess cut diamond rings – We are now talking about princess cut diamond rings. For woman, the happiest moment of their life may be when her boyfriend proposes her in romantic way. Moreover, if her boyfriend gives her a beautiful ring that make her eyes and finger dazzling. As we know that diamond is the best gemstone that is coveted by all women in the world.

princess cut diamond engagement rings white gold

Diamond is expensive stone that can be your perfect stone in your engagement ring. You just need go to the nearest jewelry store to get your ring but you may be confused of the various type of diamond ring design. One of the thing you should pay attention is the cut of the diamond. Pear, oval, round, etc is the types of diamond cut but I suggest you to choose princess cut diamond rings.

Princess Cut Diamond Rings For Sale

This kind of diamond rings are the right choice for you to show that the diamond can shine brightly beside the round cut. Choosing princess cut can make the square shaped looks bigger than the reality and of course make the diamond looks brilliant. Actually, the most famous in diamond cut is round but nowadays, princess cut also become popular because it less expensive than the round one. So, how to choose the best princess cut diamond to be attached in your special ring? First, you should decide what color of the diamond that you will buy.

Princess Cut Diamond Rings Cheap

The most expensive and the favorite one is the colorless diamond. Second, see if there is flaw or not. If you want a diamond that hasno inclusion, you should see the clarity. If the scratch or any harm cannot be seen by your eyes, it means that you find the best one. Next, select the carat weight that you want. Before you decide it, you should figure out how much money that you have prepared for buy it. If you have limited budget, you can choose heavy carat weight in low quality or lighter carat weight but in high quality. These factors, 4 C’s of cut, color, clarity, and carat weight are very important factors that you should consider before you purchase the diamond.

Princess Cut Diamond Rings Platinum

After you decide the perfect princess cut diamond, now it is the time for you to design the ring. You can start it by finding the qualified jeweler to make your princess cut diamond rings. You can also go to online shop to make it. You can ask the jeweler about the band and the setting that fit with the diamond.

Usually, the jeweler suggests you to choose white gold or platinum because other color cannot show the sparkling diamond. About the setting, you can choose several setting that will make the ring looks classic or modern depending on your love taste. If you love the classic style, you can choose solitaire setting but if you want to set it into different setting, you can choose tension ring.

The diamond will be in the center of the ring but it looks floating in the air which make the setting is special and unusual. Then, if you want setting that totally different from others is using colored stone. If you want to make the ring looks more lively and colorful, you can add colored gemstone beside the diamond. You can choose emerald, sapphire and other precious gemstone to make your engagement ring more special. Its beauty of Princess cut diamond rings.