Promise Ring, Get to Represent Your Commitment

The promise ring becomes very famous lately especially among teenagers. What is such a ring actually? This one is actually not a new kind of jewelry. It has been in this world since centuries ago. It becomes popular because it performs a significant role in making a relationship between two lovers lasts longer and emphasizing the meaning of their love and commitment.

promise ring by tiffany evans

Promise Ring Meaning

promise ring is usually given or exchanged before two lovers get engaged. This jewelry is aimed to tie the two persons in marriage on a later day. In certain cases, such a ring is also worn to represent that the wearer is intending to remain pure until the person gets married. It also can be used as the remainder of the promise one has already made. For a Christian, this kind of ring is a symbol of his/her faith to God.

You may be curious now on which finger a promise ring should be put on. In fact, there is no certain rule that say the ring must be placed on a certain finger. It means that you are allowed to wear it on any finger you like.

Promise Ring Lyrics

The Claddagh ring is one of the most wanted types of promise ring these days. There are some popular ways on how the ring shouldbe worn. Each way delivers different meaning. If one wears such a ring on the left hand, it means that the person makes a promise and commits to love. This one has three important symbols on the band. They are two hands, one heart and one crown. When one wears it on his/her right ring finger and the heart is placed facing outside, the person wants to show that he/she is not in any relationship yet. It is possible for the wearer to be engaged in new relationship. And when the promise ring is put on the right ring finger with the heat facing inward, the wearer wants to say that he/she has already in a relationship and there is no chance for someone to make a relationship with the wearer.

Promise Ring Definition

These days, the selections of promise ring are available in huge number, from the simple ones to the complicated ones, from the cheap ones to the expensive ones. If you have a lot of money to spend for such a ring, you can pick the one with diamond. Your ring will be more interesting if you put the diamond on platinum band. Your partner of course will not have any courage to refuse the ring you give.

However, if you are on a tight budget, still you are allowed to have a promise ring. Your best choice can be the silver or colorless gold one. They are inclined to be less expensive. All is yours to determine which is best to purchase. When it comes to this kind of ring, price is not an important thing. If you give such a ring seriously with sincere heart, the receiver will appreciate your special gift highly. Promise ring.