Promise Rings Meaning, Knowing It

Promise Rings Meaning is a symbol of commitment to have a serious relationship between two loves. Promise rings are different with the engagement rings or wedding rings. They are only the first step to have a strong relationship when the two persons are having closely related feelings each other. From those statements, we are also need to talk that a promise ring has to be understood by both two persons. That will be done to avoid misunderstanding because one of the couple often get the wrong term when given a promise ring.

promise rings meaning

Promise Rings Meaning For Girlfriend

The Promise Rings Meaning might have some reasons why someone gives the promise rings and it depends on the existing case. Pre engagement commitment. In the most common cases the Promise Rings Meaning is designed to have a strong promise to a lovely one and used to be pre engagement commitment. It will be happen because that couple has gained the feeling to live together but they are still having no certain time to determine the marriage. Usually the ring will protect their love until the engagement or wedding time comes to them.

Promise Rings Meaning Wiki

Purity. Promise Rings Meaning can also stand for purity of love but it’s not only love from a couple but also from mother to her daughter to keep her virginity until marriage. In all of countries in Europe and US, the liberal sex behavior can be easily found and to forbid it, the promise ring is becoming a relevant solution for this problem. The purity of promise ring is also used when people try to stop their bad behavior like smoking or drinking alcohol.

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Promise Rings Meaning For Couples

Friendship. It is also becoming the issue that involves the promise rings. In this case there is no love involvement between the people who take a promise each other. It is just a symbol to be exists in every time he or she needs the friend. Usually the case of this promise happens for the friend that closely related with the distance or also the long distance friend. It’s quite important to have a certain promise for not to enter the different feeling like love or any romantic intention.

The faith. Ring has a different meaning from one person to another. Therefore we should ponder before deciding to give the ring to our loved ones. Do not get us wrong giving the ring to be made ​​worsening relations to those we love. Faith is another term of rings that have to be pointed out. The believers of a particular saint or religion might wear the promise rings. It can be a commitment to follow the rule of religion and becomes one of the people who teach the value which exist at the religion consistently in his or her whole life. The Promise Rings Meaning of faith has quite deep meaning which does not only for the human but also to the God and all life. That’s why Promise rings meaning is so important.