Puzzle Rings – It’s All About Uniqueness, Curious, And Challenging

Have you ever heard about Puzzle rings? When we heard about it, we will be lead to a puzzle game. Well, it’s not exactly the same but has the same concept is to connect three, six, seven, eight parts into one. Puzzle rings were first introduced in the renaissance period and is widely used by the English and Italian, but then puzzle ring is more popular in North America. Puzzle rings are development of rings gimmal taken from the Latin “Gemmeli” who is having the meaning “twin”.

turkish puzzle ring

This ring is a wedding ring also has special benefits for preventing married couples commit adultery. Because when they want to cheat, then they must remove the puzzle ring that they wear in order not to be caught that they are actually married. But if they disconnect puzzle ring, is very difficult to assemble again. Puzzle ring also has other names such as Harem rings or Turkish wedding rings. First puzzle ring consists of even numbers from 4, 6, 8, and 12 interconnection rings. But now these rings are included in the contemporary ring composed of an odd number ranging from 3.5, or 7.

Puzzle Rings For Men

Puzzle ring also has inspired a Kate Forsyth made a book with the title “The ring Puzzle” which tells about the adventures of a child’s quest to find 4 puzzle loop ring lost. This puzzle ring will be useful to break the curse that made ancient fairy on her family. Puzzle rings were described in this book shaped roses.

Puzzle Rings for Women

When we see an unassembled puzzle rings, we would not have thought that it was a ring, and it is not possible to assembly that random shapes. But that’s the uniqueness of a puzzle ring. Now this ring is widely used generally and not just used as a wedding ring. This ring generally uses material sterling silver, gold, or platinum. Some models are decorated with gemstones such as diamonds and cubic zirconia to get cheaper price.

Puzzle Rings Engagement

These rings are not only used for wedding rings can also be used as a pendant, chain of necklace. Puzzle ring is a ring that has a special uniqueness. The Feeling and satisfaction that we will not get from other types of rings, curiosity and challenged to solve a puzzle ring, and the feeling of satisfaction after being unable to assembly it. If we see, as spinner rings that serve to therapy, puzzle ring also has a similar function as brain teaser while trying to assemble the ring.

Currently puzzle ring has a diverse selection, most with modern and contemporary design. Choice of metals used are sterling silver, gold, white gold, platinum, titanium, etc. puzzle ring will look stunning with decorative gemstones like diamond, ruby, amethyst, emerald, sapphire, or cubic zirconia. Yellow gold and diamonds is the best option for glamour, romantic, modern, and elegant puzzle engagement ring. but if you have limited budget then you have to go with sterling silver and cubic zirconia, but don’t worry because its has the same glowing as diamonds, and you will remain get your fun reassemble puzzle rings moments.