Ring Bearer Pillow: Special Gift to Your Lifetime Partner

Ring bearer pillow – A good preparation is really needed for special occasion like wedding ceremony. You should notice every detail of the weeding preparation because it determines the success of your party. You should extra careful considering the place you want to hold your party, the dress you should wear on your special occasion, and also the decoration of your party.

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One of the most important decorations that you should notice is ring bearer pillow. It is very important because it will represent how beautiful your ring during your wedding ceremony. Traditionally, ring bearer pillow is used to tie the ring onto a pillow and then it is carried down the aisle by a young boy. It will give a sweet touch to your wedding ceremony since the pillow now come with various shapes and colors.

Ring Bearer Pillow Etsy

Ring bearer pillow usually made of satin, silk, organza and chiffon. You can personalize your ring bearer with your name or your wedding date which can be embroidered in the pillow. When traditionally ring bearer pillow comes in white color now there are plenty of colors that you can choose according to your preference. For classical look you can choose maroon color which can represent the classical ceremony. Or you can choose white color which represents the elegant ceremony. However, if you really want to captivate your partner, you can make a ring pillow bearer on your own. Just follow this post and you will ready to make your beautiful ring bearer. The first thing you should do to start making your ring bearer is preparing the material. For better result you may choose fabric satin since it is good for a beginner like you. For better decoration, you should choose a couple of different colors to beautify the look of your ring bearer. After choosing material, now it is time for you to work and act.

Ring Bearer Pillow Ideas

You should cut your satin fabric according to the measurement. If you want to make small pieces, you can cut the satin fabric to 10 inches x 20 inches. Then, you must fold the satin fabric to an envelope pillow shape and be sure to fold it properly. Next, you should sew each folding properly then insert your pillow form and hand sews it to close the edge. It may have done if you just want a simple ring bearer pillow design, but if you want more intricate design you can add more decoration by adding ribbon or textured fabric.

You can cut textured fabric to 5 inches x 20 inches and sew it along with ribbon to cover each side of the edge. And the last, you should put the tie in the center of the ring to keep the ring from falling. Finally you can present it in your wedding, and proudly said that it is special made by you for your special partner of your life. Those are some steps to make ring bearer pillow on your own. Hopefully by knowing how to make it by yourself, you can give it to your lifetime partner as a special gift. Ring bearer pillow.