Ring Size Chart for Men, Tips To Find It

Ring size chart for men – Ladies, do you have a plan to get married or engagement? But you don’t know your boyfriend’s fingers size? If it is true, you can measure your boyfriend’s ring size in ring size chart for men. Actually, men and women have different fingers’ size; men usually have bigger fingers’ than women’s. It is easy matter for woman to choose a ring because basically they like jewels. However, the situation that you have to choose a ring for your partner but he is too busy to go with you to the jewelry shop it can little bit be a problem. But now you can solve your problem by borrowing your partner’s ring and measure it in ring size chart for men.

ring size chart for men online

Ring Size Chart for Men Online

Probably, for men who are likely to wear any jewelry especially ring but you don’t know the exact size of your finger for your ring, so that you can measure your finger size with ring size chart for men. By using this measurement tool you can get the exact size and fit with your finger. Besides, you are suggested to go to jewelry shops which are available in your town; at the store you can ask the clerk store’s assistance, since jewelry shop usually has rings size chart for men or for women, to help you to find the suitable ring size for you.

Ring Size Chart for Men Printable

In measuring men’s ring size you can also candle or you strip of paper then put in the candle or the strip of paper into the ring then after you get the size you can measure it in the rings size chart for men. There are tips for measure man’s ring size:

1)      Measuring your finger is similar to measure your feet’s size that is—the best at the end of the day or afternoon because your fingers usually get larger.

2)      To get the exact size you’d better to take 2 measurements.

3)      When your finger is cold their sizes usually decrease, so don’t measure your cold finger.

After finally you get size of your finger you can use rings size chart for men to get fits ring with your finger.

Ring Size Chart for Men PDF

Every country usually has different chart to measure ring size as well as rings size chart for men, for example, Canada use numerical measurement begin from 4, 41/2, 5 and so on; while Australia use alphabet as measurement begin from H, I ½ and so on. In the ring size conversions, they usually use inches or millimeters but to get more accurate size millimeters are better to used. Even so, you can get the ring size chart for men to measure your ring size by downloading it from the internet.

Ring size chart for men is different from children’s ring size chart. Fingers are growth as well as the growth other body. However, in measuring is easier than measuring your finger size. Adult man fingers size usually 9 to 11 or J to W in American.  By using ring size chart for men you can be used as the references get accurate your ring size.