Ring Sizes, How To Get Right Ring Sizes

Ring sizes – We are now talking about ring sizes. Obviously you think that all the rings are made with a standard size, so wherever we would find a ring of the same size. The fact that the producers did make rings jewelry rings with the standard ring that used commonly, but the end result will always be a difference though with a very small margin. But you cannot blame the maker, because it’s the same with clothes or shoes sizes.

mens ring size chart

For example, when we are shopping for shoes, then we took several different brands of shoes to get a try, and then when we tried a brand of shoes and then try other brands, will continue to feel slightly different even though the shoes were the same size. The same thing goes for ring sizes. That’s why the best way to get the ring of the right size is to try directly on our fingers.

Ring Sizes In Inches

The problem is there are so rarely to find the jewelry store that will help the customer to get the right ring sizes, mostly online store. There are few jewelry stores that provide customer service to its customers, so we should be forced to figure out our ring sizes. This problem will be more severe when we bought the ring online, however the development of technology allows us to make an online purchase and get a lot more options. If you do not know the right ring size, then you will get the wrong ring size and would not be comfortable to worn it.

Ring Sizes in Mm

Ring size for women, generally 6-7 except for women with fat fingers. While the size of rings for men, normally 10-11, but the size of the ring also depends on the posture of the customer. To get the proper way to measure the ring must use “ring size chart”.

If you purchase the wrong ring size and you want to be your size, it cost about $ 25 – $ 100. Take your ring to a jeweler in your place, and then they would fix the size of your finger. But you have to wait sometimes until it’s done.

But do you know how they reduce or increase the ring size??

Reducing ring size, the way is to cut the bottom of the ring, measure the mandrel (rod cone with ring sizes from smallest to largest). After finding the right ring gap will be closed and the ring was measured again with the mandrel to make sure is the right ring size.

Ring Sizes for Men

Increase ring sizes Chart, the way is to cut the bottom of the ring and stretched to the desired size, then the ring gap to be patched with the “plug” of the same metal. To unite with the ring and the plug is solder. Soldering material must use the same metal as the type of the ring but with a lower melting point.

To finish, either reduce the size or increase the size of the ring, is the process of smoothing the surface of the ring with a polished manner. This process also serves to restore the luster of the ring. For white gold, the ring has been repaired will be lining rhodium to restore the luster of gold as a new ring.

But there is another simpler way to ring resizing, without cutting or soldering. How to reduce or increase the size of the ring is done by swagging process (reducing the size) or stretching (increase the size). Stretching the ring by using heat and reduce the size by using cold temperatures. But this method only applies to the difference between 1-2 sizes. Now you can not only ask for ring resizing but also find out how. But to avoid the wrong ring sizes, the best way is to try the it for Ring Sizes.