Selena Gomez Purity Ring Was Removed, What Happened?

The issue that the Selena Gomez purity ring is no longer sitting on its place is confirmed. However, this issue amazed the fans of her at first. Many of her fans were wondering what happened? There must have been a reason why Selena removed her ring from her finger. The reason should have been a strong reason because she started wearing the rings since she was twelve years old. When the issue spread, many media guess that this was related to her relationship with the teen singer Justin Bieber.

selena gomez purity ring

Selena Gomez Purity Ring Ideas

Selena Gomez is now eighteen years old. It means that the Selena Gomez purity ring had been ornamenting her pretty finger for six years. The news that she took off the ring emerged on many media such as magazines, newspapers, tabloids and many more. Many of these media relates this to her special relationship with Justin. In fact, Justin is two years younger than Selena. However, many fans of her kept asking how it is possible that Selena fell in love with the singer.

Purity ring is worn to symbolize that the wearer is pure. When such a ring is taken off, it means that the wearer has already not pure. In other words, seeing the fact the fact that the Selena Gomez purity ring was not on her finger, it means that she is not pure anymore. Is this true? The right answer should only be answered by Selena herself, of course. But many people guess that something had happened between the singer and the star.

The Selena Gomez purity ring was bought in 2008 when she uttered her intention to her parents that she wanted to remain pure. The parents bought her a ring to fulfill her intention. Even though the ring was not a very expensive ring, it was very meaningful to her and her parents. That is why when her parents found out that she removed her ring, they were worried. This was because these last six years Selena never put if off anything that she did.

At the beginning of the relationship, the Selena Gomez purity ring was on its place. But no sooner after they went on together, it was suddenly removed. According to a source, her father and mother did not like the relationship between Selena and Justin. The parents considered that the two teenagers came from different backgrounds. Selena comes from a conservative family.

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Even though Selena’s mother and father did not like the special relationship her daughter engaged in, they did not oppose it. They were just worried that their daughter would end up in making inappropriate relationship with the singer. The removal of the Selena Gomez purity ring was an indication.


However, the real cause behind the removal of the Selena Gomez purity ring was a secret. Selena herself does not reveal the real cause. Fans and media can only wait for what’s next to happen. Anyway, what do you think about the relationship between Selena and Justin? Are they a matching couple?