Silver Rings In Human Life

Silver rings – Sterling silver is how they call jewelry made from pure silver that give you real benefits from silver. Silver is beautiful with specific stunning white to gray color. As precious metal, silver give value to the jewelry. Fortunately, silver is cheaper than gold or platinum that make it more affordable for many people in the world. Common jewelry made from sterling silver is silver rings, since fingers need more attraction. Nonetheless, silver is more than just beauty and price, silver has various symbolization and used in human life.

silver rings for men

Silver Rings Meaning

As the opposite of gold, silver is symbolization of moon. Silver is not aggressive but so powerful to influence human life. It is more attributed to femininity that we can see woman is soft yet powerful that change the world by touching the heart. Some people attribute this metal to sacred Goddess Artemis. Yet, men could also use silver that soft characteristic is needed inside men life for balancing.

Other meaning of silver is emotional balance, soothing effect, calming, and energy control just like the moon controlling earth energy. Silver could be the mirror of the soul that helps us see inside ourselves. Silver is also symbolization of purity, clarity, patient, positive energy, persistence, awareness, bright vision, subtle strength, and focus. Silver is also believed to have healing power to nervous system stress, fever, and inflammation. Silver rings on your finger carry all meanings and healing power of the silver metal. You can walk under the moonlight, see the moon, and see the ring for you may feel the meaning inside your heart.

Silver Rings For Everyday Style

The fact that silver is cheaper than gold and platinum, make it suitable for everyday use. Even you are just mother that spend more daily time at home doing home tasks; you need to make your appearance for your husband, children, and all people come to your house. Silver is affordable yet very beautiful. Your husband will appreciate your beautiful look without spending his money too much. In daily live, you should humble and silver rings are not make too much. In your daily style, you should not wear too much jewelry. If you already have rings on your finger, you can have simple silver earring or silver necklace to add more style to your appearance.

Silver Rings for Special Time

Even silver is cheaper, but the beauty of silver is hard to compare. Therefore, sterling silver could be your affordable choice for special occasion. Unlike everyday style, you need to stand out in special time. The choice of silver rings must be more attractive and meaningful so people will see it differently. Addition of gems or charms will make it more attractive. Special symbol like peace or eternity on the ring, make it so meaningful.

The affordable price of silver also makes it suitable for engagement ring. The symbolization of the moon make silver engagement ring has a meaning of soft yet powerful love. The beauty of this white metal make it fit the beauty of brilliant diamond as the most popular stone for engagement. silver rings.