Spinner Rings, Buy and Make Peace For Your Mind

Spinner rings – Jewelry rings is one of the oldest and has symbolic meaning “immortality” because of the shape without end or endless. Current rings have become part of a person’s life regardless of age, gender, or status. Anyone can wear a ring that suits their personality. Even today, women are not the only gender that dominates the use of jewelry; men also begin to look for all kinds of jewelry including rings. Several types of rings are very suitable for men are a tungsten ring, filigree ring, ring band, or spinner rings.

black spinner ring

Spinner Rings for Women

World jewelry men began ogled by the jewelry industry because the level of market demand is increasing every year. More and more men are interested in wearing a variety of jewelry worn by women such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, or other. And materials commonly used for making male rings are: palladium, silver, titanium, all kinds of metals thinking about neutral colors and looks masculine.

We are not concerned about male rings, but this time I want to discuss about the spinner ring is one of the male ring lately become popular. Spinner rings are kind of ring that included of two rings, the outer and inner ring, outer ring we can release it or wear it. Principle spinner rings similar to nuts and bolts, usually made of silver because it’s more durable and have the flexibility and delicate like gold. Durable metals are needed to prevent spinner ring worn-out. But in line with market demand, some do spinner rings are made from silver and gold, this also to raise the value of rings.

Spinner Rings Etsy

basic spinner ring is bands to have decorations such as the type of ring that has a ring Celtic knot pattern, the fabric, the design of brick, tile, symbols, runes, etc. even some of their decoration currently designed more diverse use such as diamonds, sapphire, and other gemstones to decorated outer rings. Design a variety of ring makes it not only favored men but also women.

Spinner Rings for Men

A study also stated spinner ring has other benefits for calming the mind. The movement to remove and install the outer ring on the inner ring made repeatedly also serves as a therapy to reduce tension, anxiety, and stress. Thought we will focus on the movement of our fingers when removing and replacing the outer ring and do it repeatedly, it works similar to meditation or prayer. Therefore, some people named spinner ring as prayer rings or rings anxiety.

Spinner ring is one of the types of rings that are unique and exclusive because most of them are custom-made and hand made. Made your own customized spinner ring and combine two of metals such as gold and silver, platinum and gold, or else. Express yourself into your rings, you can choose your birth gemstone as decoration of the outer ring or use diamonds and consider this rings as investment. If you only like spinner ring band, you can search symbol or inscription to apply to your spinner rings. Do not be afraid to express yourself into your spinner rings.