Split Shank Engagement Rings as A Symbol Of Unity

Having split shank engagement rings is no longer a new style. Yet, the power of the split shank design is still very strong. The split shank design is the ring design where the cleaved band is separated into multiple branches and then they meet and reach the main stone as the crown. It is a great design that can symbolize how two different people from the different background that can meet and be together in a holy matrimony. Platinum and palladium are the right media to complement the design to strengthen the metal band. The femininity and elegance can easily be seen from the simple and minimalistic design of split shank engagement rings and can easily complement the elegant fingers.

split shank halo engagement ring

Split Shank Engagement Rings Design Collection

Split shank is one of the couple’s favorite designs for the ring design. This can be seen from the number of couples who decides to have split shank engagement rings as their engagement ring design. With its glamour design, the split shank ring can have various styles that the jewelers make beautifully. One example can be seen from the Two Tone Split Shank, Pave Set Diamond Engagement Ring from Emma Parker and Co. This ring has a classic concept where it uses triple shank. The shank is split together; the crisp and clean white gold splits and then meets again when the beautiful diamond adorns the beauty. The yellow gold accentuates the unique design by circling the band in the middle of the white gold. Tiny paves sets of diamonds also adorn the ring further.

Another example of split shank engagement rings is the ring from Anna Parker and Co: Antique Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Setting. This set of diamonds in tiny cuts becomes the main appearance of this luxurious ring. The tiny diamonds are rowed together in a beautiful prong setting. There is a total of 86 diamonds attached on this beautiful ring. The ring has a halo feeling which looks pretty stunning with the big diamond becomes the crown the ring.

The split shank in split shank engagement rings is not always started from the back side of the ring. Another example of ring named Tacori Diamond Split Shank Engagement Ring. This ring only splits the band at the front of the ring, yet it still has the luxurious and elegant that always accompanies the ring. The crescent uses almond as its design shape. Not to leave behind the tiny row of little diamonds also accentuate the ring’s beauty. It has a breezy elegance that looks really nice as an engagement ring.

How to Find the Proper Split Shank Engagement Rings

It is important to know that the split shank rings usually have a high price, moreover if you are looking for something grand like antique moissanite rings. It is usually due to the fact that the ring usually requires a plenty of diamonds to adorn the ring. If you want this style but in more affordable price, try to find another stone as the replacement such as cubic Zirconia. This way you can still have beautiful split shank engagement rings in the price that suits you best.