Spoon Ring, Instruction In Making

Have you ever heard a spoon ring? It is an attractive item that can be put into a small project. Before we talk about how to make it, it is better to know the history if this kind of ring. The idea to wear a spoon ring came from English servants. While the queens, princesses, and other people in high economy class wear expensive diamond rings, English servants had no option except making their own rings made of stolen silverware. It is because as servants, they didn’t have much money to buy a proper ring.

spoon ring

Until today, a spoon ring has become popular. The style also goes with the trend. It is suitable for casual and informal occasion, and can suit many ages. That is why many people whether they are teens, young adults, or adults can wear this kind of ring. Since the first spoon rings had been first found since long time ago and had been spread all over the world, the style are varied depend on their original tradition. Although you can just buy spoon rings jewelry in many jewelry stores in cheap price, you also can create this ring yourself. Here is the spoon rings tutorial.

The Instruction In Making A Spoon Ring

There are easy steps to make spoon rings. You need to prepare what you need in this small project such as silver spoon, metal pipe, flat-nosed pliers, and rubber mallet. To begin your project, first of all, you need to remove the bowl from the spoon’s handle using ahacksaw. The end of the spoon’s handle should be cut smoothly using the file. Don’t miss this important step otherwise your finger can hurt wearing this ring on your finger. If necessary, you can do the finishing touches the heavy-grade sandpaper.

After that, you can bend the handle. To ease you work while bending the handle, you may use flat-nosed pliers to hold the handle. The heavy rubber mallet is used to pound smoothly the rest of the handle around the metal pipe. Work steadily until you get to the decorative end. After that, you are ready to bend it. As a result, the decorative end will put the cut edge out of sight. Until the step, the basic spoon ring is done. It is time to polish it.

Polishing the Spoon Ring

Before you polish the spoon ring, make sure the ring is in the right size. It means that you must try on it. Since it has been polished yet, it will be easier to adjust the size if needed. For easier adjustment, instead of using stainless steel, you can consider sterling silver. Both materials are equal on their durability but silver is easier to shape and bend.

To polish the ring, a fine silver polish is a great idea since it will not tarnish easily. Try on the ring once more. Make sure there are no sharp edges. If any, you should sand off them again. Once it is polished, the spoon ring is ready to wear.