Spoon Rings, Alternative for Wedding Ring

Spoon Rings – We are talking about spoon rings now. A wedding ring will always have a story behind. Mostly, people nowadays prefer to have diamond ring for their wedding. The diamond is chosen related based on the natural feature of a diamond. Diamond is known for its durability. The practical use in diamond saw and diamond drill for cutting and drilling hard material are a good example how the diamond has serve the real strength and durability. Under such understanding there will be hope that the married will be everlasting just as a diamond will be. Even though such though is not set as the main reason, the price of diamond that may reach into unbelievable value will give another level of seriousness proof. It is true that money cannot buy true love, but the expensive diamond ring will be a deadly proof on how serious the love is.

vintage spoon rings

Spoon Rings for Sale

But still, not all of the couple is enjoying picking the expensive ring for the wedding. Few may choose the modest wedding ring without any stone applied due to the fact that the couple does not interested in troubling the job in daily basis. Such reasoning is mostly available for couple who committed to wear the ring in daily basis. Worrying all of the time for the possibility that the big diamond applied on the ring will fallen somewhere during the work will be unneeded distraction. Even if a precious stone is applied, mostly is applied with simple design and affordable price. Related with this option, having the spoon ringswill be an interesting option. From the name, naturally you will think that it is impossible to have spoon rings. Actually this kind of ring exists since 17th century in England.

Spoon Rings DIY

The ring itself is mainly used as ring for wedding. At that time, for any servant who could not buy a proper wedding ring, the servant would take without permission from the mansion owner some silverware and turn the silverware into wedding ring. Unfortunately, the ring that is made from the spoon especially will give a short notice for the appeared crest on the ring. This has become an obvious clue about who steal the silverware. Those who get caught then convicted for silver spoon thievery or servant based thievery. Those who are proved perfectly doing such crime then transported from to Tasmania from England in 1800’s. The convict would spend “7 years on the ship” before reaching Tasmania. Even though turning the spoon as a wedding ring may seem to be out of date, the interest to find great spoon rings for wedding is still on demand.

Spoon Rings Ebay

For Bali spoon rings as example the price will be $49.99. Meanwhile, for Sterling Silver spoon rings, the price will be $33.00. Such cheap price is possible for both rings type due to the fact that no valuable stone is applied within the ring. For you who are interested to have more valuable , applying further ring craft on more detailed design and diamond application is always possible to be done. Of course, you will have to pay more than the ordinary ring that is made from spoon since more detailed design is made and the precious stone applied will add the price. Spoon rings.