Thumb Ring Interesting, As Fashion Accessory

Thumb ring might not be a fashion accessory that you usually wear. If you do not have any of this ring in your jewelry box, it might be the right time for you to consider about getting some. You might think that this type of ring is not so suitable for women. The fact is not like that. Of course, it does not mean that you can choose any thumb rings as you like because there are some characteristics that you have to pay attention to.

thumb rings

The characteristics are the ones that will make the rings to be perfect to be worn by women, including you. The first characteristic is size of ring shank. Thumb ring which is designed for men usually big in shank. On the other hand, the one which is design for women does not always have big shank because there are some rings which shanks are smaller. It means that there is more variety of shank size available for women in this type of ring.

Thumb Ring Ideas

If you are interested in choosing a thumb ring which shank is big, you might think that it seems to be a quite manly accessory for you to wear. It is actually fine for you to choose this kind of ring as long as it has some womanly characteristic. For example, you can choose the one with a quite feminine head shape. Heart shape stone can be taken as example here. There are also some thumb rings which are made to have cute shapes for their heads, such as various animal heads. Besides, you can also pay attention to the color of the head too. Some colors like purple, pink, bright blue or red will be perfect to represent womanliness.

One thing that you have to remember here is that ring as a fashion accessory should not always made of something precious. Therefore you should now force yourself to take much money in order to purchase some precious thumb ring which is made from gold or which there is diamond as its head. In all over the worlds, there are so many beautiful rings can be found, even if they are made from materials which are not precious at all.

Thumb Ring Pictures

To make the thumb ring to be suitable to all types of outfits that you have, here is one suggestion that you can choose. The suggestion is for you to choose some neutral colors for the ring instead of some other bold colors. But if in fact you are a person who love to do some mix and match in dressing up, it is surely fine for you to choose any color for the rings.

Collided colors are sometimes good in fashion as long as you do know about how to combine each different color properly. If you think that the inspiration about the special type of ring mentioned here is enough to tell you that the ring is also suitable for women, the next thing that you have to do is purchasing the thumb ring certainly.