Toe Rings, 15 Unique Things about Them That You May Not Know

Toe rings are the best thing to make your feet looks more fashionable and hip. This jewelry made from metal or non-metals and put on any of toes. Toe rings are not the common jewelry; they have history and many meanings. Here are the History and some facts about toe rings: Toe ring originate from India. In marriage, Hindi women use them as a symbol of marriage. Well known since the ancient time, since Valmiki, first poet from India, mentions in his epic book “Ramayana” about Sita’s toe ring in early 4th century B.C. These Rings have been worn since many centuries not only by Indian, as Persians made them in 15th century.

toe ring sandals

The History of Toe Rings

Indian call them in 4 names in different Indian languages; bichiya (pronounced: bee-chee-ya) in Hindi, jodaviin Marathi, Metteluin Telugu, Metti in Tamil. Indian believes that gold is a ‘pure’ and precious things. Hindus believe that gold is the metal of goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. So it is not necessary to use gold as toe rings. Toe ring symbolized many things. As symbol of marriage, large ring worn on a great toe of the left foot. Men also wear them on a great toe to symbolize their masculinity, dynamism, and strength. This kind of rings also believed as a cure of an illness.

Wear bichiya on the second toe is believed to expedite menstrual cycle related to particular nerves. So, when walking and doing all daily activity during a day with toe ring, it revitalizes activity organs. Indian wear the rings in pairs on the second toe. They also wear up to 4 bichiya in each feet, except the pinky toe. By culture, toe rings symbolize the women as a sister and a wife, so married women wears two sets of toe rings on each foot one for her husband and one for her brother or brother in law. It represents that when the husband were to die, the brother have to protect her.

During the wedding ceremony, the groom puts the bichiya on the second toe of bride’s foot while she holds her foot on the ceremonial grinding stone (“ammi”). Only married women use the rings. Once they become widows, they have to take the rings off. Traditional bichiya are generally made of silver and very ornate. Scientifically, toe rings made of silver because Silver is a good conductor, absorbs the energy from the polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body.

Pictures of Toe Rings

At some beach location, this jewelry for toes worn for an engagement band. At western civilization, the ring of toe worn for no reason or to symbolized something. It just a part of fashion, and give you a sexy and hip look. Some women pair this ring with flip flop or sandals. Some of the toe bands come in open ended and adjustable. So you can wear rings in different toes. For some people, wearing a ring is a must. They will feel something is missing if not wearing a ring.  They will wear any type of ring on their bodies. One of them is wearing toe rings that will boost their confidence.