Vintage Wedding Rings, Things To Consider On Search

Vintage wedding rings – Having a wedding is not only about a good intention to take the relationship into further level. It also related with some tradition that you will need to know. One of the traditions is related with the old saying of “Something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue; and a silver sixpence in her shoe”. Practically, the saying suggested something that will need to be presence on the wedding day.

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Related with “something old”, the item will be a sign for a connection of continuity from the bride’s past. It also can be understood as a sign to stay connected with the family even if new family has been created. Some people also believe that the old item is a representation of family values and the family connection that is passed down from father to son, from mother to daughter. Since “something old” item hold a deep meaning inside, it is obvious if people tend take the priority to find the old item to complete the tradition.

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The option for “something old” may range from family passed down jewelry, an old wedding photo, an old love letter or an old handkerchief. For practical reason, people will tend to wear vintage wedding rings to fit in with the tradition. For you who already give some passed family down jewelry, it will never big problem. But if you find that you have no special family jewelry, finding the right vintage wedding rings will be the next thing to do. For online search, you will need to learn first about few things. The first is the jewelry style.

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Each era will have its own style applied. The second is you will need to ensure that the seller have a good reputation. The third is checking the ring condition. This will help you to avoid possible fallen valuable stone or diamond from the ring in the long run. And the fourth is related with the jewelry certificate. Some of the vintage wedding rings may have certificate to guarantee the quality and the exact value and historical background of the jewelry. But if no certificate available, you will need to buy the vintage wedding rings from trusted seller.

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Since the vintage wedding rings will be available in certain budget, it will be wise to take a consideration on the ring detail accordingly. In general, the ring mostly associated with some era. The jewelry that is made in Victorian era is mostly on rose gold or yellow gold and widely known with its mine cut. Meanwhile, for jewelry within the Edwardian era, the ring has a unique openwork design.

For this type, platinum ring with sapphires or rose cut diamond will be the standard. Meanwhile for the “young” jewelry that is made from the 30’s to 40’s is known with the complex design. Apart from the detail, it is also worth to consider that Victorian era jewelry is quite uncommon. There will be possibility that the ring will be plainly made without any valuable stone applied. Another option that you have from buying online is buying the ring from direct auction. The auctioned ring mostly will be available with certificate. This will help you to ensure that the ring is valuable enough for “something old” in the wedding day. Vintage wedding rings are great.