What Is A Purity Ring All About?

What is a purity ringSeeing the fact that these recent years many people opt for purity rings, it is not surprising if you ask, what is a purity ring all about? It is a kind of jewelry that has a deep meaning to the wearer. However, the reason of wearing such a ring can vary from one person to the other. But the most general reason why people wear the ring is that it can remind the wearer to abstain from sex until the person gets married.

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If you ask an orthodox Christian what is a purity ring, you may need to listen a long explanation. Yes, for a Christian, the purity ring is very meaningful. Since many years ago this kind of ring has gained in popularity among Christian in many countries. Usually, the ring is worn by teenagers, either boy or girl. They commit to stay away from sex and the ring plays the role of a reminder for them.

What Is A Purity Ring Mean

However, those who are not Christian are also allowed to wear the purity ring. What is a purity ring for these people then? Well, the answer of the question, of course, can be various. It can be the same as the reason a Christian declares. Usually they wear such a ring to show to their lovers that they are pure. In other words, the wearer’s purity is only for the one the person loves the most.

Actually this kind of ring has been in the world since many centuries ago. In the past, such a ring was worn by monks. What is a purity ring for these monks? Well, it is an important symbol of their devotion to their God. These monks were not married. Or it can be said that they were married to God. In order to symbolize their commitment they wore the purity ring.

What Is A Purity Ring Ceremony

These days, the number of women who wear such a ring is bigger than the number of men. You may now wonder, what is a purity ring for women? The piece of jewelry is worn to emphasize their commitment to abstain from sex too. Usually, these women want to have someone special or true love. Wearing the ring can help them reveal that actually they are pure. With the ring, they try to attract men.

As you can see, the answer of the question what is a purity ring can vary. It can be the remainder of staying away from sex. It can also be a proof that the wearer is pure so that the person can attract the one he/she loves the most. In short, the aim behind wearing the ring can be anything depending on the wearer. But one thing for sure, it shows that the wearer is pure.

As for the prices, they are also various depending on the ingredients of the ring. The price can be very expensive when it comes to diamond purity ring. Yes, diamond is the factor that causes the prices high. If you want to get one, you just need to visit a jewelry store and you will find it. We are talking about what is a purity ring.