Yellow Gold Engagement Rings, Traditional Look & Beautiful

Yellow gold engagement rings – Simply without saying, if you desire to have a traditional look for your wedding, you need to wear yellow gold engagement rings. Yellow gold has been one of the oldest materials that are made into a ring to bind two people in a holy promise together. In its true form, however, gold is too raw to be made into jewelry, let alone ring which constantly receives contact with other hard objects. In the implementation, gold with yellow color is combined together with other materials such as zinc, copper, silver, and so on. Even so, since centuries ago, couples have already worn yellow gold as their engagement rings. Even until now, yellow gold has not yet lost its quality and popularity as one of the most beautiful materials for yellow gold engagement rings.

unique yellow gold engagement rings

Variety of Choices of Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Many yellow gold engagement rings are known One of the examples of engagement ring designs that use yellow gold as its rings’ material is Plated Swarovski Zirconia Trilogy Ring in Silver & Gold from Lumiere. The silver and 18 carat yellow gold look stunning as the band’s materials. For the gemstones, the ring uses three beautiful diamonds to adorn the ring more. The three of the rings are placed in one row, creating a crown like design at the center of the ring.

Another example in this category is this 9 carat Gold Sapphire and Cubic Zirconia Ring. With sapphire as its main gemstone, this ring would be perfect for those who are born in September. Yellow gold easily supports the blue color of the gemstone, creating a stunning look for a ring. This ring will be glamorous as well to wear, since the sapphire is circled with the cubic Zirconia around, making it looks like a sparkling tiara. This will be one of the nicest choices for yellow gold engagement rings if you like a glamorous look.

If you like the combination of another color for the band, this 9ct Crossover Ring with Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia makes a great example. For the band, it has a yellow gold crossed together, but one of the branches is colored in silver. This creates a nice change for yellow gold engagement rings. Cubic Zirconia becomes the crown of this ring, met together at the center when the two branches kiss. This creates an elegant touch for yellow gold band.

Choosing the Right Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Yellow gold looks perfect if you like something exclusive but still have a touch of traditional looks. When choosing the ring, make sure you check the carat and the clarity that the gold creates. It will determine the spark and also how long the ring looks beautiful when you wear it. It is also important to determine what kind of gemstones you like to pick. Most people probably like yellow gold diamond engagement rings, but some also prefer cubic Zirconia for economic problem. You can also have the other gemstones based on your preference and birth month for your yellow gold engagement rings if you like.